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Next Generation Financial Modeling and Simulation Software

It’s inevitable, your spreadsheet model will become less efficient over time. As a result, your peers will begin to view the model as a black box and as a consequence your management team could lose a great deal of confidence in the modeling process.

FinanceSeer provides a highly flexible yet structured multi-dimensional environment that is extremely transparent and simple to maintain. Create plans quickly, build consensus across peers and instil confidence in your forward looking strategy.

Change Is The Only Constant

Lets face it, budgeting and forecasting tools are designed to promote a “single version of the truth” across the entire organization. This is great for short-term operational planning, but far too rigid for the needs of Strategic Finance.

FinanceSeer is extending the boundaries of Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) by addressing the needs of Strategic Finance modelers, who until now continue to favor spreadsheets over traditional EPM.

What is Strategic Finance?

Long Range Planning
5 Year Planning
Target Setting
Compensation Planning
DCF Valuation
Investment Proposals
Portfolio Modeling
Treasury Planning
Capital Raises
Share Buy Backs
Dividend Payouts
Ratings/Covenant Analysis

Feature Highlights

Take Ownership

Add accounts, time periods, scenarios, entities or other meta-data on the fly as needed. No coding, no administrators.

Pre-Packaged Financial Intelligence

Leverage out-of-the-box financial intelligence like sources and uses of cash and time series intelligence.

Forecast or Backcast

Enter assumptions to derive results or enter results and solve for the underlying assumptions.

In Memory Calculations

Change an assumption and see the impact ripple through the entire model instantly.

Drag and Drop Data

Rearrange the orientation of the data to input or report the data anyway you like.

Excel Integration

Use the optional Excel add-in to input/report data in a familiar format.


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