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A list of the most common questions about FinanceSeer!

Desktop FinanceSeer

FinanceSeer is a spreadsheet replacement for financial modeling and simulation. We specialize in top-down financial modeling, which focuses on setting strategy rather than dealing with bottom-up silo'd information.  As a result, FinanceSeer enables business leaders to maintain powerful yet agile models that help support strategic decisions based on cash flow. With FinanceSeer, your models are 100% managed by modelers not admins. 

FinanceSeer runs locally on your PC and receives automatic updates via a Microsoft browser plug-in. We recommend running Windows 7 or newer along with a modern version of Internet Explorer.  For heavy users, we recommend 8GB of memory or more. 

The cloud can act like a great equalizer by providing small teams or organizations with technology that was previous only attainable by large enterprise software deployments. The cost of acquiring the hardware, infrastructure and system administrator know-how could have only been justified across a large user base. With the cloud, this is no longer the case. Teams of 5 users can build and manage their own multi-dimensional models, receive updates regularly and insure data is backed up and secure.

FinanceSeer is both redundant and secure. For users that choose not to share their models, all calculations and data storing is done locally. For organizations that choose to share models, modelers always have a choice between on premise or cloud storage. On premise data sharing means the data is stored behind your company’s fire wall and maintained by your IT department. Our online cloud storage partner is Microsoft Azure. All models are encrypted, transferred and stored in an encrypted database that is dedicated to your company.

FinanceSeer is perfect for individuals or small teams that want to leverage pre-built financial intelligence to perform agile financial modeling. At FinanceSeer we get it, you want to evaluate investment deals, secure new financing, model stock buy backs, or help justify long term strategy based on sound driver based assumptions. You don’t want to become a system admin… you're simply looking for a better alternative to spreadsheets.

FinanceSeer starts at as little as $720/year (that's $60/Month). Users can purchase subscriptions with a credit card.

Spreadsheets are unstructured, two dimensional files that provide immense flexible in the beginning, but quickly become inflexible as the model grows. As a result spreadsheet paralysis places a massive limitation on your ability to continuously evaluate opportunity and risk through rich what-if scenario analysis.

Start using FinanceSeer in as little as 2-3 minutes.  Click on our pricing page to identify a plan that works best for you.  Each subscription to FinanceSeer starts with a 7-day free trial.  Cancel during this time and pay nothing. 

FinanceSeer is a hybrid cloud solution. Users receive all product updates and bug fixes automatically via the cloud. However, it’s up to the users whether they want to store their models in a secure cloud, on premise in a server room or simply on their PC.

Budgeting tools are great for short-term planning across various silo'd data sets. 

When it comes to modeling Strategic Finance, Budgeting tools can be worse than spreadsheets. This is because they often use centralized server technology that promotes the processes and data flow associated with establishing a "single version of the truth".  On the other hand, FinanceSeer was designed from the ground up to focus on the needs of Strategic Finance and as a result focuses on enabling modelers to maintain highly dynamic modeling environments where modelers are free to create their own models that enforce integrated cash flow based functionality (IS/BS/CF) in a multi-scenario environment.   

Yes, FinanceSeer has an Excel add-in that enables you to send data to and from FinanceSeer. This provides users with a familiar way to build reports and graphs as well as share these reports with colleagues by email or through presentations.


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