FinanceSeer is a subscription software service (SaaS) that enables organizations to start small and scale up their usage as needed. This means that modelers can focus on building outstanding financial models at an extremely low cost and add participants later, once the model is proven.

FinanceSeer Desktop

It all starts with FinanceSeer Desktop, the core component to the FinanceSeer platform. FinanceSeer Desktop runs locally on your PC so there aren't any heavy infrastructure requirements to deal with.

Our subscription service takes care of software updates on-the-fly. So regardless of whether we release a new feature, enhance an existing feature or fix a bug, you'll always be running on the latest version.

FinanceSeer's unique proprietary multi-dimensional document approach means that modelers always have the right blend of power and agility at their fingertips. Slice and dice dimensions in real-time to see data across time, entity, scenario or any number of custom dimensions. Then decide for yourself whether or not to save the changes.

Because FinanceSeer models are documents, users can save them to a shared network behind your corporate firewall, create a local archive on their PC, email them to a colleague or third-party advisor, or if you wish, save them to a popular cloud storage site such as Drobox, Google Drive or OneDrive. The choice is yours.

So regardless of where you decide to save your models, the important fact is that the modeler is always in control. Data is never calculated nor stored outside of your PC by default. As a result, data privacy and data ownership are always driven by the modeler, in the same flexible way as a spreadsheet.

FinanceSeer Desktop creates the optimal environment for top-down modeling and simulation by empowering modelers to run what-if scenarios in order to evaluate alternatives, influence strategic direction and ultimately grow shareholder value.

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The FinanceSeer Excel add-in - Leverage the benefits of Excel without the limitations of two dimensions. Push data to Excel to build highly formatted reports and graphs or use Excel as a bridge to pull data from other source systems.

Maximize your existing knowledge of Excel with the power of FinanceSeer's built-in multi- dimensionality and financial intelligence running underneath. Share data with colleagues that don't have FinanceSeer by sending them a static version of your reports in Excel or copy and paste data to a PowerPoint presentation.

Model-to-Model Mapping - This optional tool is for companies that choose to deploy more than one FinanceSeer model and need to link data from one model to another.

Build separate models by division, market or project/acquisition initiative and then integrate them to your corporate model with a click of a button.

With FinanceSeer, you're totally free to build as many different models as you want (at no additional cost). This is perfect for Divisions who want to model their own unique products, drivers and scenarios in isolation. Use M2M mapping to submit only the most relevant data up to the Corporate model.

EPM Integration - Integrate your bottom-up and top-down planning processes using our EPM integration tool. This is an optional tool for companies who want to access our growing library of EPM/BI connectors.

Quickly extract data to FinanceSeer in order to run rapid what-ifs or update long range plans and then export the results back in to help set targets for bottom-up planning. Create variance reports or run reports using your existing EPM tools.

Signup now and see how FinanceSeer beats your spreadsheet model in just 15 minutes!



Signup now and see how FinanceSeer beats your spreadsheet model in just 15 minutes!

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